Live 2D Commission Info

Commission Slot info will be announced via Twitter
Fastest response will be through Twitter DMs

Current Status: Closed

Next application period will be mid December.

Application period will last a few days, and accepted applicants will be contacted and confirmed over the course of the following week. Please expect 1 week of downtime as I carefully look over applications.

* I will be accepting rigging commissions only next application period (no art+rigging combo)

Slots and Waitlist are not first come first served. I will look at all potential clients and decide on a select few in the case that there are more people interested than there are slots/waitlist openings.

Commissions will be worked on one at a time, with possible exceptions depending on client-side delays.

When contacting about a slot, please include which type of commission you would like, as well as reference images, important details to the project, such as timeline, extras, questions etc.

Starting Prices

Rigging Only

  • Half Body = $1000

  • Full Body = $1300

Model Art + Rigging

  • Half Body = $2600

  • Full Body = $3000

Prices Updated as of 10/25/2021
Prices are subject to change

-Live 2D Rigging: Using Cubism Live2D to give a 2D image the ability to change angles and directions, emote and become usable as an avatar in various programs
-Model Art: A PSD (photoshop) file with layers separated for use in Live 2D Rigging

Additional Costs/Options

  • Detailed eye physics, hair physics etc. are included in base price

  • Expressions: $5~$100 each, depending on complexity.

  • Animal Tail and Ear physics and/or idle animation: $10-$40

  • Design complexity: $10-$500

  • Toggles (ex: Jacket Off, Glasses Off etc)

  • Hand/Arm animations: $30-$150 each depending on complexity

  • Extras not listed can be discussed

  • Improper PSD setup (Rigging Only option): I will fix or under-paint where necessary. This fee will vary depending on how much work is necessary.

  • Additional costs will vary, and will be discussed and adjusted with the client according to what is requested

  • If there are plans to use the model for business purposes (company or talent agency etc.), the total price will be adjusted according to the scale of the project

  • Feminine-presenting characters only for Model Art commissions (Not confident as of now in my drawing ability for masculine-presenting characters, apologies! This may change with time.)

  • Not taking Model Art or Rigging commissions for furry characters or mechanical characters at this time. (ears/tails are OK)

Character design or reference sheet is REQUIRED if you plan to commission me for art. I will not be accepting mood boards or similar things as references.

Angled reference drawings are optional but appreciated for rigging only commissions.

For rigging only commissions, the provided art should be in a default position, looking straight forward, and have the face parts drawn with symmetry. As stated above, if the provided PSD is not cut up or divided properly, there will be an additional fee for me to correct the PSD to a usable layout. In the case that the original artist is OK with fixing things, I will give instructions on what needs to be done.
A helpful guide that I recommend, for how to split up a model as well as an into to Vtuber concepts and terms here


Detailed Eye, Eyelid, Eyebrow Movement

Angle X, Y, Z

Model: Lucy

Hair and Bust Physics

Animal Ear Physics

Model: Ren Leveret


Model: Ruru

Mouth Movement

Model: Maia

Finished Rigging Commissions!

Commissioner: Maia

Commissioner: Qiuyue

Commissioner: Poogi

Commissioner: Ruru

Commissioner: Hitomi

Commissioner: Retsu

Commissioner: HARU

Commissioner: Red Senshi

Commissioner: shishi

Commissioner: Suiika

Commissioner: Prof.Amon

Commissioner: Ren Leveret

Commissioner: Ali

Commissioner: Cuco

Commissioner: sleepinashell

Commissioner: Shindō Hikaru


Examples of Completed Art for Live2D

Rules and Workflow

Please read fully before contacting me for a commission

I have the right to refuse any project.I require credit to be clearly written in an easy to see place. This should be in your bio and about page.Individual slots will not be taken until I have confirmed details with the client and have decided to take on the project.Commission Applications will be taken via Google Forms. In the week following the closing of the applications, I will be contacting those whose applications were accepted.Canvas size will normally be around 4000x8000 px for Model Art. Texture size will be 4096 but can be adjusted smaller if necessary.I require a 2-3 week window for finishing the project. This window starts when I begin your project, and not when you take a slot or are added to the waitlist.Express (1 week) will be an additional cost of $400.Payment can be split up by part (Art and/or Rigging) but must be paid upfront before I begin to work on the part of the project.Once details are confirmed and the commission is ready to be accepted, I will send you an invoice for the payment.The invoice will be made and sent via PayPal. Payments will only be accepted through PayPal.I will ask if you are OK or not OK with me sharing progress publicly or livestreaming the art or rigging process. When livestreaming, I may be testing the movement of your model with tracking software.
I will send you updates on progress throughout the project, with videos or gifs attached.General progress sharing milestones: Eye movement→Mouth movement→Angle X→Angle Y→Full modelAfter initial completion, I will send the rigged model to you for testing along with a fully configured settings file for your desired face tracking application. If fixes or adjustments are needed, they will be done ASAP.If you would like additions or new things added to your model at a later time, we can discuss scheduling then. I will prioritize any current commission I am working on over any adjustments or additions for past models.
I will send you the initial sketch with base colors for confirmation before moving forward to lines and coloring. I may ask for additional information regarding the character design so that I can efficiently split up parts.After the model art is completed, I will not do any changes unless they are very minor.